Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 20 / 2003

Nordics split by US decision to exclude some from Iraq contracts

The Swedes are hopping mad. The Norwegians are keeping a low profile. The Finns are modest and practical. In Denmark, the Nordic EU member whose firms are eligible to bid on US reconstruction contracts in Iraq, they are rejoicing.

Sida Chief Controller disputes main conclusion of auditors’ report

Sida’s auditors have made an in-depth analysis of corruption risk in the organisation, which reveals several weaknesses in Sida. In a report to the Sida Board, the auditors state that an important explanation for the shortcomings is the pressure to disburse as much allocated funds as possible. Sida’s Chief Controller Bengt Ekman disputes the auditors’ main finding. In a memorandum to the Board, he insists that Sida has no disbursement target. “We only disburse money when conditions and demands are fulfilled," he writes.

Humanitarian organisations lose important source of income

The Swedish company Fundraising Gruppen has recruited at least 80,000 new members and contributors to Nordic NGOs, giving them millions of dollars in income. But Fundraising Gruppen’s methods have been controversial and the expansion too fast. Now the company has gone bankrupt.