Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 10-11 / 2004

Key NGOs split over lobbying NATO to expand role in Afghanistan

A large group of Kabul-based NGOs wants NATO to expand its role in Afghanistan. Otherwise, they say, aid workers will be forced to withdraw from the country completely. A few key actors argue that such lobbying is tantamount to taking sides in the conflict, and compromises the neutrality of humanitarian NGOs.

No final decision on merging GAVI, Vaccine Fund

The Executive Committee of GAVI has recommended to the GAVI Board some principles for clarifying the different roles of GAVI and the Vaccine Fund. It favours a merging of the two entities.

UN reform: multi-year funding, less power to agency heads

The authority and financial resources of the United Nations Resident Coordinator in recipient countries should be strengthened. Appointments of UN top officials should be done in a more transparent manner, starting with selection of the new heads of UNICEF and FAO.