Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 5-6 / 2004

Zambia: Nordics launch aid effectiveness plan

Several new donors have joined the Nordic Plus initiative for improved coordination and aid effectiveness in Zambia. A new agreement with the Government of Zambia was signed in beginning of April, laying out an ambitious plan for pooling resources and sharing information.

Denmark to coordinate military and relief operations

A joint initiative by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence lays the foundation for better future coordination of Danish military and civilian involvement in areas of conflict.

Swedish consultants urge Sida to put more contracts out for tender

Sida gave SEK 318 million worth of aid contracts to Swedish state agencies last year. (See DT 4/04) The aid agency argues that there is no overlap in the types of services that public bodies can provide in comparison with the private sector. Swedish consultants don’t agree.