Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 12 / 2005

Report: Sida excludes innovative NGOs due to outdated funding rules

Sida should revise its rules for granting framework support to Swedish NGOs to include foundations, a new report recommends. Sida’s current rules for awarding multi-year funding to Swedish NGOs promotes the export of a Swedish civil society model based on membership organisations, while excluding other innovative NGOs structured in different ways.

No corruption in Nordic aid agencies? ‘Look harder’, says World Bank

The World Bank has investigated hundreds of cases of possible staff misconduct in the few last years, while there have been no such cases in the Swedish and Norwegian aid agencies. In an interview with DT, the World Bank’s anti-corruption chief Maarten de Jong suggests: “Maybe they should look harder."

Norwegian oil revenue in Africa exceeds aid to continent

Norwegian oil companies are expanding their presence in Africa. The mainly public owned Statoil is in negotiations concerning rights for exploration and development of Block 2 off the coast of Tanzania. Norwegian oil firms’ revenues from Africa are likely to reach NOK 12 billion annually or almost three times Norwegian bilateral aid to the region. In future, oil revenues from the region are likely to grow sharply.