Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 16 / 2005

New Norwegian government launches anti-privatisation policy in aid

The Red-Green Norwegian government that took office this week has launched a radical new aid policy. It believes strongly in the public sector and states that Norwegian aid is not going to support programmes demanding liberalisation and privatisation. In multilateral aid, UN agencies will be given priority at the expense of the World Bank. The government also explicitly makes the decriminalisation of abortion a main goal of its aid policy.

NGOs argue against including foundations in Sida ‘framework club’

Three large Swedish NGOs have issued a strong warning to Sida against opening up the criteria for NGO framework funding to include foundations.  

Development ministers terminate Nordic Development Fund

The Nordic development ministers have decided that they will not provide funds for a fifth replenishment of the Nordic Development Fund (NDF). Formally, the decision was confirmed at an NDF board meeting on October 11.