Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 17 / 2005

Pakistan emergency reflects low donor confidence in UN appeal

The international reaction to the earthquake emergency in Pakistan reflects a lack of donor confidence in the UN’s capacity to respond to this major natural disaster.

Swedish, Danish firms identified. Aid agencies uncertain how to treat companies

The oil-for-food investigation in Iraq has revealed widespread corruption. Millions of dollars have been paid in kickbacks related to Nordic firms’ contracts. The report from the UN investigation goes into detail about kickbacks related to contracts signed by companies like Bukkehave, Atlas Copco and Volvo.

How Norway avoided the oil-for-food trap

Norway chaired the UN Committee on Sanctions Against Iraq for 2001-2002, a critical period for the oil-for-food programme, which has been scrutinised in the Volcker Report. The report has no particular criticism of Norway’s role in the UN committee.