Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 19 / 2005

MSF diverts EUR 21m in tsunami funds to Pakistan earthquake

Médicins Sans Frontières is using almost 60 per cent of the funds it collected world-wide following the tsunami catastrophe on activities to assist victims of the Pakistan earthquake and other crises.

Auditor General’s report leads to NOK 60m cut in Tanzania aid

The annual report from the Norwegian Auditor General reveals that Norway is cutting NOK 60 million in aid for primary education in Tanzania this year due to insufficient financial reporting. The report launches serious criticism and doubts about reporting related to budget and sector support.

Erik Solheim, new Minister: ‘Don’t fool yourself. Aid is politics’

From being an active, but mainstream country in aid, Norway has suddenly become the OECD’s most radical player. The new Development Minister Erik Solheim is about to shake up the house.