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Business / DT 21-22 / 2005

Value of Danish mixed credit projects skyrockets to DKK 2.2b in 2005

While other Nordic countries have scaled back their mixed credits, Denmark reaches new record levels. This year the contract value of approved soft loans amount to DKK 2.2 billion. Denmark has reserved itself against the OECD untying regime and continues to tie mixed credit contracts to Danish suppliers. It also links mixed credit projects to government procurement of CO2 quotas.

Norwegian mixed credits all but disappear after untying

After several dry years, Norway approved four mixed credit projects last year. The contracts amount to only about NOK 150 million with a grant element of NOK 75 million.

Swedish soft loans also stalled due to outdated rules

While Norway’s complete untying marginalised its mixed credit scheme, Sweden has followed OECD rules for untied mixed credits to the word.

COWI back on top of Danish aid consultancy market in 2005

COWI is back on top of the Danish aid market. Once again, the firm is without question the leading consultancy in the field of development assistance active in Denmark. While COWI continues its successful strategy of bidding for practically every possible Danida contract that comes up, its traditional competitors - NIRAS, Carl Bro and Rambøll - have tended to lose more and larger tenders that they win. These are some of the results of Development Today’s analysis of Danish aid consultancy contracts for 2005.

China continues to dominate Finnish concessional loan portfolio

Finland has approved eight mixed credit schemes in 2005. The contract value amounts to about EUR 55 million (about DKK 410 million).