Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 3 / 2005

Sweden, Norway and Finland rush to catch up with the Danes

In just one year, Denmark has gone from being one of the EU’s staunchest supporters of tied aid to one of its most transparent donors. Now the other Nordics are trying to catch up. The result could be the emergence of a much more transparent Nordic aid market within the next few months.

NORAD makes ‘decent offer’ of NOK 83m

NORAD has indicated support worth NOK 83 million over three years to the Norwegian branch of Plan International. This is well below what Plan asked for. The NGO plans to continue political lobbying and hopes that the amount will increase before the end of the period.

Dahlgren aims for UNHCR, Frafjord Johnson eyes UNDP

Sweden and Norway have both launched candidates for the two top positions currently vacant in the UN.