Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 4-5 / 2005

World Bank corruption report reveals mounting case load

Duncan Smith states the Bank has steadily increased the resources available for investigations. “Nonetheless, like any such investigative agency, we have difficult decisions to make about how to prioritise and manage the caseload ... We [respond] by focussing resources on higher impact cases, increasing proactive means of finding cases of fraud and corruption and by using tools that give bigger results in a shorter time period," he says. During the past four years, 41 staff members of the World Bank have been fired due to fraud and other misconduct, while 114 Bank officials have received disciplinary measures. The number of new investigations into staff misconduct is rising.

MSF breaks new ground, diverts tsunami funds to forgotten crises

The humanitarian medical NGO Médicins Sans Frontières (MSF) has decided to divert some of the money donated in early January for tsunami victims to other crises, mostly in Africa.

Swedish consultants demand transparency in Sida market

At the recent annual meeting of Swedish private consultants and Sida, the aid agency for the first time divulged the total contract value for a single year: SEK 1.2 billion in new contracts signed with consulting firms during 2004.