Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 6 / 2005

Red Cross refuses to divert USD 600m in ‘extra’ tsunami funds

In the aftermath of the tsunami, the international Red Cross movement faces a luxury problem: USD 600 million more than it needs to finance its tsunami relief programme. Instead of using some of this cash on under-funded emergencies, the Red Cross is adamant about spending “every penny" on tsunami victims.

Five-point drop in Norwegian aid, but still at Number One

In 2004, Norway remained at the top of the OECD donor list, though the Norwegian aid level dropped by five points to 0.87 per cent of GNI.

Sida prepares for new wave of infrastructure projects

The Swedish mixed credit programme is under scrutiny and is likely to be changed and made more flexible. Sida expects an increasing demand for infrastructure projects in several main recipient countries.