Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 1 / 2006

Nordic donors condemn Red Cross federation’s secrecy

The Red Cross’ decision to keep an evaluation of its global tsunami activities secret undermines the organisation’s credibility, a Sida official comments to Development Today.

A Dane takes Norad’s helm: ‘the age of good intentions is over’

The new Danish head of Norad is a veteran aid professional who strongly defends the new development agenda where funds are channelled jointly with other donors through sector and budget support. At the same time, Poul Engberg-Pedersen embraces the political focus of his new boss, Development Minister Erik Solheim, as being the key to maintaining public support for aid.

Sida’s top 20 consultancies in 2005 - Orgut takes first place

Development Today’s review of Sida consultancy procurement statistics for 2005 puts the Swedish firm Orgut at the top of the list for the first time.