Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 10-11 / 2006

Funds misused. Denmark holds back 26 per cent of Mozambique aid

The Danish investigation of suspected aid fraud in Mozambique is now complete. Denmark is demanding that the Mozambican government repay an amount equivalent to DKK 9.4 million, and is cancelling more than DKK 80 million in aid originally planned to be spent on the education sector this year.

Stoltenberg matches Gates in GAVI funding

According to figures obtained from the vaccine alliance GAVI, Norway’s PM Jens Stoltenberg has committed as much money to the alliance for the next ten years as the Gates Foundation. Norway’s commitment is USD 75 million annually for ten years.

Swedish bureaucrats battle private firms for Sida market

When Sida put the contract for capacity building of Serbia’s land management authority out for tender, two private firms - BlomInfo and Orgut - won and the Swedish cadastral agency, National Land Survey (NLS) of Sweden, bitterly complained. In the second phase of the project, NLS prevailed; Sida gave the state agency the contract, worth over SEK 25 million for three years, without competitive tender.

GTZ tossed out of EU tender due to conflict of interest

EuropeAid, the aid agency of the European Union, has disqualified the German state-owned consultancy firm GTZ International Services (GTZ IS) from participating in an EU ...