Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 13 / 2006

Finland to be lead donor in forestry, environment in Zambia

Finland is planning to reallocate its aid resources in Zambia - one of Finland’s eight priority recipient countries - according to an aid strategy coordinated together with other key donors.

World Bank accepts parallel development of Karuma and Bujagali

The World Bank no longer has objections to Bujagali and Karuma hydropower projects in Uganda being developed in parallel. As the initial discussions about funding transmission lines get underway, potential financiers for Karuma are queuing up.

Swedish Consultants and the Paris Agenda

The Paris agreement promises to increase aid effectiveness. But using recipient countries’ procurement systems carries risks. Tina Karlberg of Sweco International asks Nordic donors whether private consultants will end up as guinea pigs in a failed donor harmonisation experiment?