Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 15-16 / 2006

More money, more politics, no business

Despite 12 per cent growth in the aid pie, Development Minister Erik Solheim had to make some tough choices to make room for his key priorities in an aid budget where both the Foreign Minster and the Prime Minster claim their share. Norway is again raising the flag over its aid. The new budget confirms the grip of civil society, public players and the political elite on the aid budget. Norwegian business continues to be marginalised.

Frafjord Johnson may become Global Fund chief

Former Norwegian Development Minister Hilde Frafjord Johnson is among the favorites for the job of Executive Director of the Global Fund. The competition is described as an open race, but Frafjord Johnson is haunted by her lukewarm support for the Fund during her time as minister.

Lion’s share of Sida’s ‘green billion’ given away without tendering

The Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) comes out on top in Sida’s allocation of its share of the former government’s “green billion” - SEK 1 billion in environmental aid during 2006-8. But Sida has so far not found a way to include the private sector in an initiative whose main purpose was to profile Swedish environ-mental expertise internationally. Only a fraction of the money handled by Sida is for projects that will be put out for tender.