Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 17 / 2006

Finding a role for little Norway in China’s burgeoning Africa agenda

A report commissioned by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims Norway can make a difference by strengthening African countries’ capacities to benefit from China’s growing engagement in Africa. Norway should also aim for direct cooperation with China on “joint lessons in African countries where Chinese oil companies are active, and Norway has an Oil-for-Development programme”.

New Minister re-thinks Swedish aid, takes on state agencies and NGOs

Sweden’s Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson (Moderate) is leaving the aid level alone, but she plans to review content and efficiency. Swedish aid is spread among too many different UN agencies and recipient countries without clear strategies. And the use of Swedish state agencies and NGOs is not transparent. “Enough passive aid," says the new Minister in an in depth interview with Development Today.

Danida official plays dual role in review of Mekong commission

The Danida official responsible for handling aid to the Mekong River Commission, Kurt Mørck Jensen, commissioned a study of the MRC. He sought leave from the Ministry to join the research team, and then returned to his job in Copenhagen. Jensen tells DT that “switching hats" is common practice in Northern Europe. But his double role has been widely questioned and the Danish Foreign Ministry is holding the report at arm’s length.