Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 18 / 2006

Denmark ignores OECD warning on use of aid as export subsidy

Denmark will continue to use aid as export subsidises to its companies selling capital goods to poor countries financed by so-called tied mixed credits. An article published in Development Today earlier this year revealing the Danish practice caused several donor countries to voice their concerns to the OECD headquarters in Paris. In a sharp letter to the Danes, the Chair of the OECD/DAC says this is a violation of a donor agreement from 2001 that abolishes this practice.

‘Mixed mandates’ of NGOs, OCHA threaten humanitarian neutrality

The majority of humanitarian organisations are unable to maintain neutrality in the post-9/11 world. Even OCHA is becoming a fixture within a political organisation, the UN. A new report by the Feinstein International Centre warns that unless roles are clearly separated humanitarianism will not survive.

Danish Development Minister welcomes new Swedish colleague

With the recent change in government in Sweden, Denmark may well now have a closer political ally in the Nordics than has previously been the case. The International Development Ministers of the two non-Socialist Nordic countries did not waste time arranging their first meeting to discuss possible future cooperation.

Dozen Swedish company executives may face oil-for-food prosecution

Christer van der Kwast, Chief Public Prosecutor at the Swedish National Anti-Corruption Unit, is one step closer to prosecuting a dozen top Swedish executives for bribery in connection with the oil-for-food scheme in Iraq.