Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 19 / 2006

Freeze in Swedish NGO budget, Sida warns organisations

Based on signals from the new Swedish government about a freeze in the budget level for framework NGOs, Sida has issued a warning to some organisations that the expected increases in funding next year will not be possible.

Norway distances itself from de Soto, pushes for own priorities

The Red/Green government in Norway inherited from the previous administration a close relationship with the Peruvian economist Hernando de Soto and his Institute for Liberty and Democracy.

Norfund defends tax haven investments, points to IFC standard

The Norwegian aid-financed risk capital fund Norfund has come under scrutiny for registering the management fund Aureos in the tax haven Mauritius. Norfund writes to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that if it is barred from investing in funds located in tax havens, it cannot participate in co-financing initiatives launched by the World Bank’s private sector arm IFC and regional banks.

IFC: ‘offshore financial centres necessary structures’

Funds organised in so-called “offshore financial centers” (OFCs) are necessary for the efficient channelling of capital to emerging markets, according to the International Finance Corporation ...