Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 2 / 2006

The Muslim belt: Nordic aid from Sudan to Afghanistan

Since 9/11, Norway has launched a massive increase of aid in the Muslim belt from Africa to Western Asia. Norway has become the dominating Nordic donor in countries like Sudan, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan, all hot spots in the war against terror. In Palestine and Sudan, Sweden is also an important player. In the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq, Denmark strongly profiled its plans for substantial assistance. Little has materialised though and Denmark remains a rather small donor in both Iraq and Afghanistan. In contrast, Denmark has held the position as the largest Nordic donor in many traditional African recipient countries. These are some results of Development Today’s analysis of aid figures from OECD/DAC and the Nordic aid administrations.

Thoraya Obaid on life at UNFPA after US funding cuts

A year after Thoraya Obaid took the leadership of UNFPA, the UN agency that promotes sexual reproductive health and rights, the United States withdrew USD 34 million in support and hasn’t provided any funding since. In an exclusive interview with Development Today, Obaid reflects on the impacts of the US cuts, and answers the speculations surrounding her possible candidacy as next UN Secretary General.

2005 bumper year: Norwegian relief suppliers sell for NOK 428m

Norwegian firms operating through the NOREPS system sold NOK 428 million worth of emergency relief supplies and services last year; an all-time high for the Norwegian emergency preparedness network and more than double the sales of the previous year.