Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 5-6 / 2006

Norway, Sweden asked to fund study of giant Stiegler’s Gorge dam

Tanzania has requested funding from Sweden and Norway for feasibility and environmental studies for four hydropower projects. The huge and controversial Stiegler’s Gorge project, which is almost ten times bigger than Bujagali in Uganda, is back on the agenda. Norway spent NOK 150 million on the project before it was dropped in the early 1980s.

Minister’s spin on shrinking Danish aid level

“I am satisfied that Denmark remains among the five nations in the world that live up to the UN target of an aid ratio of ...

Sweco: hydro dams in Vietnam threaten food security in Cambodia

A Sida-financed study by the engineering consultancy Sweco Grøner predicts that Vietnamese dams on the Srepok river will have “very dramatic” effects on people and biodiversity in Cambodia. It states that the changed flow in the river will threaten the food security of villagers by wiping out fish species, hampering irrigation and making riverside agriculture impossible.

Sida gets cold feet, calls off extension of programme into Zambia

The long-awaited expansion of the EPOPA organic agriculture programme into Zambia was recently cancelled by the Swedish Embassy in Lusaka due to legal concerns about procurement. Instead, a new tender for a revised programme will be announced. Staff at Sida Headquarters insist that the EPOPA extension should have been approved months ago.