Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 7 / 2006

Karuma may be financed without World Bank participation

The Norwegian consortium behind the Karuma hydropower project in Uganda NORPAK has entered into discussions with authorities about financing the project without World Bank funding or guarantees.

Tough lessons after tsunami. Norwegian Red Cross back to basics

The Norwegian Red Cross will sharpen its focus on its core mandate - humanitarian relief - following two critical evaluations of the international Red Cross movement’s tsunami response.

Huge transaction costs for Global Fund and GAVI

There are huge transaction costs related to a disease by disease approach to health problems as facilitated by the Global Fund and GAVI. This puts tremendous pressure on health delivery systems in developing countries. The most important bottleneck is the lack of health personnel. A new report calls for a better division of labour among the Global Fund, the World Bank and the World Health Organisation (WHO).

European consultants cry foul over German state-owned firm

Danish and European private development consulting firms are up in arms over the entrance into the aid market of the German firm GTZ International Services. A fully owned subsidiary of the German state aid agency GTZ, GTZ IS has been pre-qualified for five Danida tenders in the past eight months. The European consultants’ federation (EFCA) says that the increasing activity of such “parastatal consulting organisations” skews competition and is “fundamentally unfair”.