Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 8 / 2006

Warnings against linking Norwegian aid with troops in Afghanistan

The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has encouraged NGOs to come forward with proposals for projects in Faryab province of Afghanistan where Norway has a military presence. One purpose is to make Norwegian aid efforts more visible in the province. Researchers are skeptical about waving donor flags in areas of military engagement. Development Minister Erik Solheim has halted the decision process about the matter, awaiting advice from a group of state secretaries.

No promises of increased procurement from Sida chief

A recent Foreign Ministry study outlines the frustrations felt by the Swedish business community due to Sida’s shrinking contract volume and the limited entry points for the private sector into Swedish-financed development projects.

Rebuilding Denmark’s image after the cartoons

When the Arab Initiative was launched by the Danish Foreign Ministry three years ago, its primary goals were to strengthen Denmark’s position in the Middle East and to support reform processes in the Arab world. In the wake of the cartoon controversy, the political ground has shifted. The Ministry concludes that the Arab Initiative will now have to contribute to rebuilding Denmark’s credibility in the region.

EuropeAid investigates consultants’ GTZ complaint

The EU’s aid agency EuropeAid is investigating a complaint launched by the European consultants’ federation about the German government-owned consultancy GTZ International Services. In the ...