Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 9 / 2006

Billion-crown aid boom for Swedish state agencies

Swedish state agencies are a growing channel for Swedish development cooperation funds, Sida statistics obtained by Development Today show. Almost all government institutions experienced an increase in their Sida-financed assignments last year.

Questions political role of Norwegian NGOs

Back in the 1960s, they were grassroots, mass-based organisations with the legitimacy to speak for a broad constituency. Today, the largest Norwegian NGOs have become professionalised, centralised outfits with honed lobbying skills and close ties to politicians. Norwegian NGOs no longer possess the characteristics that gave them the legitimacy to work on building civil society in poor countries in the first place.

New director to sharpen IFU’s aid profile

By appointing aid veteran Finn Jønck as the new Managing Director of the Danish aid-financed investment funds, IFU and IØ, the Danish government has sent a clear signal that IFU is in the business of development. Promoting Danish companies’ activities abroad is a means of creating development and reducing poverty, not the overriding goal.