Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 10-11 / 2007

Stoltenberg prepares ambitious plan to reverse trends in global health aid

The Norwegian Prime Minister’s Office is working with the Gates Foundation and the United Kingdom on an ambitious global business plan to scale up resources for health services in developing countries. The idea is to tap into earmarked funds managed by the vaccine alliance GAVI, the Global Fund and other special health initiatives.

Finland to review Afghanistan portfolio

As Finnish troops are transferred to the Swedish-led PRT in Mazar-i-Sharif, the Foreign Ministry in Helsinki is reviewing Finland’s overall engagement in Afghanistan.

Swedish NGOs face more competition over fewer funds

Sida’s invitation for new Swedish NGOs to apply to become frame organisations is likely to result in more competition for fewer funds in the coming years.

Preliminary data shows slow down for Nordic firms in UN market

Danish, Finnish and Norwegian companies experienced sluggish results in their sales to UN agencies last year compared with 2005, according to preliminary data obtained by Development Today from IAPSO for 2006. Swedish firms, on the other hand, performed dismally in 2005, but appear not to have lost more ground last year.