Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Business / DT 13 / 2007

Sida to review new untied credit scheme

The Swedish government will assign the aid agency Sida to analyse the practical consequences of a proposal to scrap the Swedish mixed credits system and establish a new untied scheme.

Norwegian firms luke warm about untied financing scheme

Norad has built up a substantial portfolio of projects for mixed credits with Vietnam being the main market. Contracts related to three tenders are being finalised, but no Norwegian firms have won contracts.

Trønderenergi takes over Bugoye hydropower plant in Uganda

The regional Norwegian hydro-power firm Trønderenergi is taking over Bugoye hydro plant in Uganda from SN Power. SN Power, a 50 per cent aid-financed hydropower firm, did not consider the project to be commercially viable. Norway is expected to provide an aid grant to co-finance the project.

Expanding SN Power’s capacity in greenfield projects

“We believed it was possible to make commercial hydropower invest-ments in Africa, but it has turned out to be difficult. No-one else has succeeded either," says Chair of SN Power Kjell Roland to Development Today.