Monday, December 09, 2019

DT 18 / 2007

Denmark announces plans to increase aid

In the new Danish government programme, Prime Minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen announces that Denmark will increase its aid level for the first time in six years. The PM thereby indicates a shift to the centre away from the right-wing Danish People’s Party and toward the new upstart party, New Alliance.

Sida hard line with EISA. DfID, Norad show more mercy

After revelations of embezzlement at the Luanda office of EISA last year, three donors demanded that the African NGO take action to ensure that this would not happen again. EISA complied. DfID and Norad are now satisfied that EISA has dealt with the problem. Sida has followed a much harder line.

Pihl-Läckeby hold DKK 860 million aid portfolio in Sri Lanka

The Danish firm E. Pihl & Søn AS has joined forces with Swedish Läckeby Water (Purac) and captured several aid-financed contracts in Sri Lanka funded by Sweden and Denmark. Their total aid portfolio in Sri Lanka amounts to DKK 860 million (SEK 1.1 billion).