Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 19 / 2007

Iceland multiplies aid level. Aims to become top Nordic donor

Iceland is reforming the way it administers its aid policy, as part of a wider plan to become a more prominent aid donor in relative terms.

Sweden seeks to mainstream terrorism prevention in aid

The Swedish government is preparing to launch a new policy on aid and terrorism prevention. According to the draft text of the policy obtained by Development Today, Sweden’s approach will be nuanced and sober. It makes no links to geographical areas, and emphasises that fighting terrorism should not be a goal of development aid in and of itself.

Nordics losing ground in World Bank

The Nordic donor block’s share of World Bank funding over the next three years will drop. But a sharp rise in Finnish funds will soften the fall, Development Today has learned ahead of the final negotiations for IDA 15 in Berlin, December 13-14.