Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 2 / 2007

Transparency International ranks tax havens among least corrupt

A Tax Justice Network report commissioned by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry criticises Transparency International's corruption index for being biased, and even racist. The TI index reinforces negative images of Africa, while ignoring grand-scale corruption by multinational companies and Western governments.

Solheim aims to overhaul private sector tools

As the Norwegian business community comes together for its 15th annual gathering in Oslo on private sector involvement in aid this month, the temperature is at an all-time low. “The business community’s interest in aid is waning," says Tori Tveit at NHO. 

Lack of 'Finnish content' disqualifies African firms

South-African and Namibian companies lost out to the Finnish registered GE Healthcare Projects Oy in a tender for a Namibian hospital project financed by Finnish mixed credits.