Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Business / DT 4 / 2007

Owners discuss new plans for expanding aid-financed hydro giant

The fast growing Norwegian hydropower investor SN Power has soon tapped NOK 1.75 billion from the Norwegian aid budget. As it expands in the coming five years, can SN Power continue to cut into the aid pie or might new owners be invited into the deal?

Evaluation of Noreps coming up

Development Today has learned that the Evaluation Department of Norad will in the coming weeks be announcing two tenders for evaluations - one of Noreps and the other of Norway's HIV/Aids funding over the past two decades.

Danes target grey zone in OECD rules on aid and carbon credits

A new Danish strategy paves the way for using aid to finance CDM projects from which Denmark can buy carbon credits.

Finnish aid procurement statistics. DT in perilous waters

Following publication of an article on Finnish aid consultancy procurement in the previous issue, Development Today received a number of reactions from consultants about the figures that were presented. (See DT 3/07)