Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Business / DT 7 / 2007

‘Good beginning’ for Swedish UN business alliance

Swedish company members of the Swedish Association for UN Business (SweUNB) appear to be cautiously optimistic about the new organisation, which is supported by the Swedish Trade Council and the Foreign Ministry.

SN Power pursues CDM in hydro investments

SN Power, the Norwegian hydropower investor, is actively pursuing carbon credits in connection with its investments abroad.

Danes combine aid, export promotion when shopping in carbon market

Denmark has signed agreements to buy carbon credits from at least 23 CDM projects. While the Danes aggressively use aid financing tools as part of their carbon quota purchase strategy, Finland and Sweden want clear lines between ODA and carbon credits. In Norway, SN Power has become a CDM player.

Finland, Sweden keep CDM aid and carbon credits separate

Both Finland and Sweden have active government programmes for purchasing carbon credits from CDM climate projects. Unlike Denmark, they keep the use of CDM aid financing separate from the purchase of carbon credits.