Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 8 / 2007

Norconsult risks being blacklisted by WB

Norconsult International, a major player in the Norwegian aid market, has come under corruption scrutiny by the World Bank and now risks blacklisting and debarment from participation in tenders for future Bank-financed projects. A water project in Tanzania is currently under investigation.

Military efforts in Afghanistan skyrocket while Nordic aid lags behind

All Nordic countries are scaling up their military efforts in Afghanistan while aid investments fell. This year they will spend 80 per cent more on military efforts than aid; a reversal since 2004 when twice as much funding went to development assistance as military efforts.

Finnish Minister favours aid for carbon sinks

The new Finnish government will explore how bilateral forestry aid can be used to promote “carbon sinks" in developing countries as a way of combating climate change. Development Today met with Finland's newly appointed Foreign Trade and Development Minister.

New bag of sweets for Swedish private companies

Sida and the Foreign Ministry are in a frenzy of activity aimed at repairing the troubled relationship between Sida and the Swedish private sector. Swedish industry is happy about all the attention. But the real fall-out in terms of contracts remains to be seen.

Norway returns as financier of hydro in global warming era

The Norwegian revised budget allows for state guarantees for carbon quota purchases from CDM climate projects. Development Minister Solheim signals that these will give a new boost to hydropower financing.