Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 9 / 2007

DT survey: The Nordic race for top UN positions

Development Today has surveyed the top executive positions held by Nordic citizens in the UN System. Nordic governments use different strategies to secure posts for their nationals. Read the full overview in this issue.

SN Power secures lucrative climate bonus from Indian investment

The Norwegian and IFC aid-financed Allain Duhangan hydro project in India is set to generate handsome profits from carbon credits for its owners - in the order of NOK 60-80 million a year over a ten-year period, according to SN Power. The claim that this project will reduce greenhouse gas emissions is questionable because the dam would in all likelihood have been built anyway.

Swedish government must decide on fate of multi-millions in tied aid

Sida has asked the Swedish government for advice about how to reconcile national and EU procurement law with two tied aid windows, ITP and KTS.