Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 14 / 2008

Mapping agency cancels illegal agreement with Swedesurvey

The Swedish National Land Survey has cancelled a cooperation agreement worth SEK 14 million over the past three years for Sida-financed assignments with the consultancy firm Swedesurvey.

Solheim aims to ease downward trend in aid for education

Norway will scale up the funding of primary education through the UN and the World Bank next year in a move to slow the sharp downward trend in its education aid.

Sweden launches untied mixed credit scheme, punishes UNDP

The budget for 2009 represents a consolidation of the Centre-Right majority government’s fundamental policy change in Swedish aid. It includes a new private sector scheme for untied soft loans and subsidised guarantees.

Naps seeks re-entry into Norwegian emergency relief network

The Finnish solar applications producer Naps Systems Oy is seeking re-entry into the Norwegian Emergency Preparedness System. Naps presents the administrators of NOREPS with a dilemma: are non-Norwegian firms eligible?

Turning FAO into a 21st century institution

FAO must radically reform in order to survive, a recent evaluation concluded. The point man for FAO’s reform tells DT a transformation of the agency’s culture is needed for it to function in the current century.