Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 2 / 2008

Nordic UN bail-out: Swedes outspend France, Italy, Germany - combined

The Nordic countries have become huge donors in the UN System. Sweden is the third largest overall UN donor, while Norway is No 6 on the list. If the tied, in-kind US support to WFP is taken out of the equation, Norway and Sweden together become bigger donors to the UN than the United States.

Norway’s traditional aid to be frozen to fund Bali rainforest pledge

The Norwegian Red-Green government put growth in traditional aid on hold to fund its prestigious multi-billion crown rainforest package, launched ahead of the UN climate conference in Bali last December. Opposition parties, including the Conservatives, want additional aid funds to cover the Bali promise.

Danish government ‘spins’ NGO role to sell unpopular wars

Danish NGOs accuse the government of overselling the notion of a hand-in-glove relationship between the military and humanitarian organisations in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Swedish prosecutor eyes stock listed firms in oil-for-food investigation

The Swedish National Anti-Corruption Unit is in the final phase of investigating the involvement of Swedish companies in bribery related to the UN-financed oil-for-food scheme in Iraq. Christer van der Kwast, Chief Public Prosecutor, tells Development Today that efforts are being focused on “some larger companies".