Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 3 / 2008

New report cracks state agencies’ monopoly in aid

Sida’s practice of transferring billions of crowns in aid assignments to Swedish state agencies violates both Swedish public procurement law and EU procurement directives, a report by AffärsConcept AB concludes. As a general rule, such assignments should be tendered competitively.

Statkraft wants majority ownership of SN Power

The power struggle over SN Power continues. Now that SN Power has become a huge commercial success, Statkraft is aiming to take control in the firm. The other owner, Norfund, the aid-financed risk capital fund, wants to invite in new owners and have SN Power invest more in Africa.

Donors to decide on Tanzania’s budget support soon

Nordic donors will decide on future budget support for Tanzania in early April. A key issue is the authorities’ commitment to fight corruption. An audit reveals that USD 113 million is unaccounted for at the Bank of Tanzania and last month Prime Minister Edward Lowassa had to resign over another corruption scandal.