Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 7 / 2008

OECD bans market loans to poor countries. New era for mixed credits

New OECD regulations make it difficult for 59 low-income countries to finance loans on market terms. Export to these countries will have to be aid financed through mixed credits or grants. The new rules have been decided upon without the involvement of the affected countries, most of them in Africa. One result is likely to be a renaissance for the mixed credit schemes in donor countries.

Norconsult exits Tanzania to avoid corruption

One of the most prominent consultants in the Norwegian aid market will no longer bid for contracts managed by local authorities in Tanzania due to widespread corruption. It closes down its local subsidiary Norconsult Tanzania Ltd. (NTZ), which has made irregular payments related to several projects, according to a new audit.

Secrecy surrounds AMC aid deal for drug industry

The medical aid group MSF says a USD 1.5 billion aid deal to develop new vaccines for poor countries is much too lucrative for the drug industry. MSF has estimated an earlier version of the scheme to be overpriced by USD 600 million, but has been denied basic facts about the latest proposal. Donors are to settle the deal May 20.