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News / DT 7 / 2008

Secrecy surrounds AMC aid deal for drug industry

The medical aid group MSF says a USD 1.5 billion aid deal to develop new vaccines for poor countries is much too lucrative for the drug industry. MSF has estimated an earlier version of the scheme to be overpriced by USD 600 million, but has been denied basic facts about the latest proposal. Donors are to settle the deal May 20.

Denmark assesses Iraqi aid

A review of Danish aid projects carried out in Iraq since 2003 gives good marks, in spite of the extremely difficult security situation. The study provides input into the on-going review of Denmark’s policy on civilian-military cooperation.

Norwegian aid level to fall to 0.9% of GNI, new figures show

Norway is unlikely to defend its position as the world’s top aid performer this year, according to new figures released by the government.

Sudan trust fund under fire. World Bank claims it has been fixed

At the Oslo donor conference for Sudan, the World Bank took a beating for its bureaucratic and inflexible administration of a multi-donor trust fund for Sudan. NGOs criticised the Bank for favouring private firms.

Cartoon conflict. Denmark refuses to pledge aid for Sudan

The deadlock between Denmark and Sudan took a new turn at the Sudan donor conference in Oslo this week, where Denmark refused to pledge future development assistance for the country. Sudan has urged for a global boycott of Danish goods and is not allowing Danes to enter the country, following a reprint of a cartoon of the Prophet Mohammad in Danish media earlier this year.

Nordics commit USD 770 million for Sudan

Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland pledged almost USD 770 million in support for Sudan over the next four years at the Oslo donor conference.