Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 9 / 2008

SN Power exits planned Mozambique hydropower joint venture

The Norwegian aid-financed hydropower investment firm SN Power has given up on a planned joint venture project in Mozambique. More than a year of negotiations failed to secure a deal with the Mozambican energy company, EDM. With unsuccessful ventures in Uganda and Mozambique, SN Power’s Africa portfolio is now empty.

Key UNDP donors discontent with weak human rights focus

Nordic funding of UNDP is on a downward trend due to donors’ shift in priorities and concern about the agency’s human rights mandate. Yet as the Nordics flash the money weapon, a weakened US dollar might soften the message. In US dollars, contributions will likely increase.

Danes double Afganistan aid, step up in Helmand

Denmark has launched an ambitious new strategy for doubling its annual aid to Afghanistan over the coming four years. The strategy aims to shift the balance from Danish military efforts to more resources for civilian reconstruction. But to get there, Denmark opens for more troops in the first phase of the five-year plan.

Swedish government wants more tenders in aid consultancies

The Swedish Foreign Ministry does not view other state agencies as separate legal entities. That means Sida can continue to engage Swedish government institutions in aid projects without tendering the assignments. However, the Ministry wants Sida to put more emphasis on competition and tenders, and awaits the aid agency’s new procurement rules.