Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 1 / 2009

New business opportunities in Swedish soft loan scheme

A new untied Swedish mixed credit programme to fund infrastructure projects - potentially worth billions of crowns annually - is expected to be given a green light by the government in a few weeks. Sida expects strong demand for the new scheme as investors are pulling out of Africa due to the global financial crisis.

Norwegian mixed credit portfolio at brink of collapse

Norwegian politicians have failed to deal with the chronic problems of the mixed credits scheme, and it is now being closed down. Projects worth hundreds of millions of crowns have piled up at Norad. They may never be implemented.

Tax haven policy could cost Norfund ‘hundreds of millions’

The aid-financed risk capital fund Norfund says pulling out of tax havens may cause the agency to lose investments amounting to several hundreds of millions of crowns. Norfund warns that the Norwegian Foreign Ministry’s ban on new investments in tax havens outside the OECD will cause problems for several new investments currently being planned.

Phoenix of Helsinki: NDF revived as climate grant fund

Three and a half years ago, the Nordic governments decided to close down the Nordic Development Fund. Now they have changed their minds, following strong pressure from Finland and Nordic institutions. NDF is being remade into grant giver with EUR 90 million available for climate projects.