Monday, November 18, 2019

News / DT 1 / 2009

Nordics ready to assist in Gaza. Hamas wants to channel aid

Western donors are ready to help rebuild Gaza after the recent war between Hamas and Israel, but how to channel funds and how much donors are willing to pay remain to be seen. Hamas wants to be the main channel for reconstruction aid.

Norway seeks Nordic backing for UN forest aid

Norway, currently the sole funder of the UN REDD forest carbon initiative, does not want it to be a "solo project". Norway is actively courting the support of neighbouring donors - Sweden, Denmark, and maybe soon Finland.

Anders Nordström on Sida reform

The most powerful Nordic aid agency, Sida, has been in a process of reorganisation since last October as part of the Swedish government’s pledge to reform Swedish aid. Director General Anders Nordström says the aim is to make Sida more targeted and result-oriented. He does not believe Sida will shrink as a result of the changes as the agency is increasingly being assigned new tasks.