Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 13 / 2009

Tanzania corruption audit stamped secret

Development Today has been refused access to a new audit of the corruption-tainted Norwegian-funded natural resources programme in Tanzania. The Norwegian Embassy denies that it has sidelined the Danish Auditor who revealed massive corruption in the programme.

GAVI denies cheaper AMC vaccines will save more lives

The GAVI vaccine alliance says the donors’ decision to drop the price of vaccines in the Advance Market Commitment - from USD 10 to USD 7 per dose - has no affect on the number of children’s lives that are saved. The AMC donors’ main expert advisor Ruth Levine agrees with GAVI. But the claim is disputed by Princeton University’s Adel Mahmoud.

EUR 4m for Nordic climate change project competition

The Nordic Development Fund has for several years been planning its own funeral. Yet now NDF is reborn as a result of the recent approval of the first projects in its new grant-based scheme for climate investments.

Swedish budget 2010: Africa, WFP sheltered from dramatic cuts

Though most areas in Swedish aid face dramatic cuts in next year’s budget, a few have been sheltered, among them bilateral aid to Africa, WFP and UNICEF. Sweden also steps up funding of democratisation and freedom of speech.