Monday, December 16, 2019

DT 14-15 / 2009

Norway holds back Africa aid to finance climate and refugees

Norwegian aid reaches 1.09 per cent of GNI next year, and increases in real terms in spite of the financial crisis. But in the budget for 2010, all fresh funds go to domestic refugees and carbon emission reduction efforts abroad.

Carlsson aims to end Swedish NGOs’ monopoly on Sida funds

Three years ago, the Swedish Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson said she wanted to shake up the group of NGOs that have for years had exclusive access to billions of crowns in Sida NGO funding. Now it's happening.

Prepares SEK 260m in support for Mozambique hydro project

After six years in the pipeline, Sida is about to take the final decision on SEK 260 million in financing for rehabilitation of the Mavuzi and Chicamba hydropower plants in Mozambique.

Norfund wants to ease ban on tax havens investments

Norfund, a Norwegian aid-financed risk capital fund, wants the current temporary ban on the use of tax havens replaced by “operational guidelines" that would allow it to make new investments in countries in Sub Saharan Africa where this is the only alternative.