Tuesday, December 10, 2019

DT 16 / 2009

Nordics struggle to attract more professionals to a UN career

The Nordic countries are struggling to recruit nationals to a UN career. The best recruitment base is the Nordic UN junior experts. But these young professionals tend to move back home after a few years abroad to establish families. Nordic welfare benefits seem to be more attractive than a long-term UN career.

New audit says Tanzania should refund TZS 2.5 billion to Norway

A new audit recommends repayment of billions of Tanzanian shillings to Norway from a corruption-tainted natural resources programme funded by Norwegian aid. The report was at first stamped secret. Following a complaint from Development Today, Norway has released a redacted copy.

Vaccine dispute. GAVI brushes aside criticism

The vaccine alliance GAVI, which administers the G8-sponsored AMC project on pneumococcal vaccine, is at loggerheads with experts critical to the initiative over how many lives can be saved and what the real costs will be.

UN road show. Recruitment drive coming to Norway

The UN Secretariat has in an unprecedented move called for “an outreach mission" in Norway aimed at recruiting Norwegian staff to the United Nations.

Nordic risk capital funds: we are the ‘third pillar’

In a fresh report by the risk capital fund branch organisation, the Nordic funds refer to themselves as the “third pillar" in development policy, and present the case for substantially increasing their role in Nordic aid.