Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 17 / 2009

Auditor General wants scrutiny of state agencies’ role in aid

The Swedish Auditor General has scrutinised Sida’s practice of channelling aid through public institutions like the police and the tax authorities. The auditor concludes that this is a form of aid tying and calls for an independent review.

USD 1.5b vaccine scheme to cost donors billions more

The G8’s AMC vaccine initiative has been marketed as a USD 1.5 billion scheme that will save 7 million lives over 20 years. In fact, achieving the goals of the AMC will cost the donors of GAVI, which administers the scheme, billions of dollars more.

Norway ranked as top humanitarian donor. Sweden drops to Nr 2

Three Nordic governments dominate the top spots in the Humanitarian Response Index for 2009, which measures the generosity, neutrality and timeliness of OECD donors’ humanitarian aid funding. Sweden has been ranked Nr 1 for two years, but now drops to second place, replaced by Norway.

Evaluates opportunities for investment in biofuel sector

The Norwegian risk capital fund Norfund has not moved into the biofuel field yet, but has invested quite a bit of time analysing the sector. Before entering this area, the agency is looking for proven technology, a strong agro-business partner and projects that combine food production and raw material for biofuel production.

Denmark wants more African countries in Competitiveness Index

With support from the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, seven African countries will be added to the Global Competitiveness Index in the coming years.