Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 18 / 2009

Danish aid to Pakistan war zone, Swedish decision pending

Denmark has allocated its first-ever aid package to Pakistan this year as part of the effort to combat terrorism and bring security to the border areas with Afghanistan. Sweden is also considering a development grant; its first since aid was frozen a decade ago in protest over Pakistan's nuclear tests.

Sweden puts order in EU’s myriad of democracy policies

During its EU Presidency, Sweden has tidied up in the wilderness of policies for democracy support in the EU system.

Donors object to ‘naming and shaming’ in humanitarian field

Donors have given a chilly reception to an index that ranks their performance in the humanitarian field. They object to being compared publicly and question the index’s methodology.

Norway ‘speaks with two tongues’ on indigenous peoples’ rights

Through its recent engagement in tropical forest issues, Norway has championed the rights of indigenous peoples. But when it comes to hydropower interests, the tone is quite different.

Norconsult chooses to stand trial, aims to clear its name

The consultancy firm Norconsult refuses to accept a NOK 4 million fine for corruption related to a World Bank-funded water project in Tanzania. “In our opinion, there is no basis for the fine and we will try the case in court,” says Managing Director John Nyheim.

FCG merges activities in Finland, aims to expand in aid market

The Finnish Consulting Group has merged its Finnish-based companies and aims to expand in the international aid market.