Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 19 / 2009

Tough on Zambia. Sweden cuts 2009 budget support

Sida cuts SEK 145 million in budget support to Zambia following consultations with Development Minister Gunilla Carlsson. Of the nine donors providing budget support to Zambia, Sweden is the only donor to make such cuts.

Swedish Minister rages against weaknesses in aid system

Swedish aid crowns most donor rankings, yet Carlsson is still not happy. She wants extended reforms to make aid more effective.

Wallström vs men in uniform

The UN Secretariat is currently finalising a short list of candidates for a new post, the UN Special Representative on Sexual Violence in Conflict. Sweden has nominated EU Commissioner Margot Wallström and has support from other Nordic countries.

No Danish aid funds for religious schools in Pakistan

Denmark’s new aid education programme in Northwest Pakistan steers clear of religious schools. Norwegian assistance to the madrassas is being re-examined.

Labour takes back Finance Ministry, attacks tax havens commission

The Norwegian Ministry of Finance slams a recent influential report on the role of tax havens, accusing it of expanding its work beyond its mandate. Parts of the report are based on “misunderstandings and lack of knowledge”.

Swedfund will invest less next year despite huge pipeline

The aid-financed risk capital fund Swedfund has the biggest pipeline ever, but has had to cut back on investments next year due to lack of funds. The government injected a record-high SEK 600 million in new capital into the fund this year, but almost the entire amount has been committed to new projects.