Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 20 / 2009

Norway’s aid spending on refugees unprecedented in OECD

Norway will report more than the other Nordics combined as ODA spent on domestic refugee costs in 2010, bringing its aid level above 1 per cent of GNI. In Sweden, the government has been criticised for using too much of the aid budget on domestic refugee costs. Yet Norway spends twice as much per refugee - NOK 160,000 - as Sweden.

No ‘new’ Nordic climate aid money on the table in Copenhagen

One of the few concrete numbers in the Copenhagen Accord is USD 30 billion in “new and additional" climate money for 2010-12 to be provided by rich countries. When it comes to Nordic climate aid, funds will be neither “new" nor “additional" to aid levels set before Copenhagen.

Donors set in motion second AMC vaccine initiative

Donors have asked GAVI and the World Bank to put together a panel of experts to explore a second Advance Market Commitment (AMC) that would stimulate provision of vaccines against a poor-country disease, possibly malaria.

Swedfund, Sida join forces to invest in Vietnam

Swedfund provides the loan; Sida, the guarantee. The two aid agencies will cooperate for the first time to support a SEK 365 million waste disposal project in Vietnam.

Nokia joins Finnish aid project to promote use of mobile technology

Finland is providing EUR 11.9 million in aid financing for a new form of collaboration with the mobile phone giant Nokia and the World Bank.