Thursday, December 12, 2019

DT 21-22 / 2009

UN channels Norwegian funds through corruption-tainted ministry

The UN REDD Programme is channelling millions of Norwegian aid crowns into a ministry in Tanzania to which Norway has for the last two years halted all aid disbursements due to widespread corruption.

Danes most committed to Africa, Norway lags behind, Swedish reforms long overdue

Denmark has the strongest focus on Sub-Saharan Africa in its bilateral aid. Finnish aid to Africa is growing at the fastest pace, while Norway has the weakest focus on the region. Development Today has reviewed Nordic aid, based on updated OECD statistics.

US researcher warns Nordics against giving aid to Pakistan border areas

American researcher Andrew Wilder warns against expansion of Nordic aid into the border areas of Pakistan. His research project, financed by Norway and Sweden, questions the assumption that aid is an effective counter-insurgency tool.

Sida instructed to create ‘whistle blower’ system

The government instructs Sida to establish an in-house mechanism where staff can report safely on suspected corruption related to Swedish aid.