Sunday, December 15, 2019

DT 5-6 / 2009

Iceland withdraws from Nicaragua

Iceland is pulling out of Nicaragua and concentrating its foreign aid on four countries in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ironically, Iceland reports a record high aid level for the crisis year 2008.

Forest dwellers on shaky legal ground in Indonesian REDD

Indonesia continues to eye the enormous funds that Norway offered Brazil last year in exchange for reducing deforestation in the Amazon. Norway wants to see a radical change in Indonesian forest policy. The position of indigenous people in forest climate schemes remains precarious.

Tanzania suspends biofuel projects, pending new rules

The Tanzanian government has suspended implementation of biofuel projects that have not yet received approval from authorities. Meanwhile, the Swedish biofuel company SEKAB eyes massive aid financing for projects in East Africa.

Norway turns down guarantee request for approved projects

The future of 16 projects Norway has committed to finance, mostly in Vietnam, is up in the air. The Norwegian Ministry of Trade and Industry has decided not to allow the guarantee institute GIEK to cover the loans that partly finance the projects.

Danish industry criticises government for tapping IFU’s capital

Danish business is not happy about the government tapping money from the aid-funded risk capital fund IFU, which was established to invest in developing countries.

Nordics fight to hold on to World Bank seat

There is broad agreement about the need to reform the World Bank Board to allow for better representation from developing countries. Europe is over-represented, and the Nordic seat is under pressure. In an unusual move, the Nordics have flashed the money weapon to defend their position on the Board.