Wednesday, December 11, 2019

DT 7 / 2009

Finnish Ministry staff pressured to tie aid

Foreign Ministry staff in Helsinki report that they feel pressured to give priority to aid projects that make use of Finnish personnel and technology. Development Minister Väyrynen’s involvement in detail is slowing down the decision-making process at the Ministry.

Sacrifices indigenous people’s rights in UN forest, climate negotiations

In its recent submission to the UN on reducing carbon emissions from deforestation (REDD), Norway appears to weaken its position on indigenous people’s rights. The Oslo-based NGO Rainforest Foundation says this violates Norway’s international legal obligations.

Mozambique: Review criticises growing donor bureaucracy

Three Scandinavian watch dogs warn in a joint review against the growing donor bureaucracy in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo. There is a risk that this large donor group is starting to behave like a shadow government in Mozambique.

Green light for Bagamoyo, SEKAB defends environment study

The Bagamoyo biofuel project has received a green light from Tanzanian authorities, but the status of the project's environmental study remains in question in Sweden. The owner SEKAB defends the study, while Managing Director of the consultant Orgut Per Giertz steps back from the report.

Danish firms face Iraq Oil For Food corruption charges

Danish firms accused of paying kickbacks to Iraqi authorities under the UN Oil For Food Programme have chosen different strategies to deal with the serious charges. Novo Nordisk has struck a deal with US authorities to avoid trial.